7/8/2013 – 7th of Middle Summer

  1. Been thinking a lot about what corn varieties to grow. Right now it looks like Mandan Bride will be a good foundation for both short season & flour corn. And Reid’s Yellow will serve for a long season & dent corn, possibly with some other similar varieties mixed in to increase the initial gene pool. But that still leaves open a mid season and/or flint corn. Thinking about Seneca Stalker, but need to do more research.
  2. Pretty much accepted that this will be the last year for Speckled Chief. Not enough seed germinated and I am concerned that not enough plants are going to mature at the same time for pollination. However, since the seed matures at about the same time that Mandan Bride does, I will combine any seed that does mature with that experiment.
  3. Watered the vegetable patch with about 60 gallons of water. Not enough to make up for the moisture deficit, but I need to build seed stock more then develop characteristics.
  4. Harvested more Yellow and Green peas. This might be the last official day of harvest.
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