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7/30/2013 – 29th of Middle Summer

Finally got a chance to get out in the garden now that there is a break in the rain. Everything seems to be doing alright. Spent the evening weeding. Need to make or buy a kama or sickle. It will

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7/26/2013 – 25th of Middle Summer

Did some weeding, but it was kind of half-hearted. Started digging up some of the potatoes. Its disappointing to expend a lot of effort digging to find hardly any potatoes. So I think I will skip them next year. Might

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7/25/2013 – 24th of Middle Summer

Picked another handful of sand plums. Most of them were still yellow, but they had fallen so I grabbed them anyways. Laid mulch on the last row of tomatoes. Need to buy more straw. Weeded the tomatoes and peppers. Saw

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7/21/2013 – 20th of Middle Summer

Finished weeding beans. Worked on the weed crusher. Instead of cutting down bed rails, I started cutting down T-posts. This will allow me to have 16 cutters on the telephone post that I am using as a roller.

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7/20/2013 – 19th of Middle Summer

Got one and half rows weeded. Had to stop when it started raining. Picked a handful sandplums. Not going to have enough to make jelly/jam. Found an article about a drink syrup called a shrub. Its 1 part fruit, 1

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7/18/2013 – 17th of Middle Summer

Finally finished shelling the peas. Ended up with slightly more than three and a half cups of Yellow and slightly less then three and a half cups of Green. Thinking that I might be able to plant Cowpeas following Common

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7/17/2013 – 16th of Middle Summer

Felt like a rainforest outside. Got some weeding done. Saw flowers on the Jalapeno peppers and Porter tomatoes. Moved plastic sheets to the next section of the Rye patch.

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7/16/2013 – 15th of Middle Summer

Been awhile since I had a chance to do any work outside. Shouldn’t complain since its been the rain the last couple days keeping me in. All I had a chance to do today was hoe a row of tomatoes.

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7/10/2013 – 9th of Middle Summer

Watered the legume patch. Laid mulch on three rows.

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7/9/2013 – 8th of Middle Summer

Spent the evening weeding a couple rows of corn with my daughter.

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