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Horticultural Vinegar

Been trying to figure out how to make a cheap herbicide. Seems that vinegar is one method. Vinegar is relatively easy to make by allowing alcohol (such as had cider, wine, or beer) sour. However, this vinegar will only have

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6/15/2013 – 12th of Early Summer

Not much time in the garden today. Just filled the water barrels. Noticed on a walk today that some of the mulberries in the neighbourhood are putting out fruit. Maybe next year mine will. Worked on the hominy today. Still

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6/17/2013 – 14th of Early Summer

Planted the second half of the Porter tomatoes. The ground was soft from the rain last night. Will probably finish tomatoes, then plant sweet potatoes, okra, and finally cowpeas The early and late potatoes look good, but the main potatoes

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6/14/2013 – 11th of Early Summer

Watered the legume patch. Only about 50 gallons. Planted the last three rows of peanuts. A gallon ziploc bag seems to be enough for four rows. Spent the rest of the day weeding. The peas would be ready to pick

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6/13/2013 – 10th of Early Summer

Took a lot of photos of the peas, beans, and corn. Plan is to use them for plant descriptions and seed packets. Will upload them here also. Planted one row of Tennessee Red peanuts and half a row of the

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6/10/2013 – 7th of Early Summer

Planted the last row of Pinto beans. Hands hurt too much from yesterday to do much more.

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6/9/2013 – 6th of Early Summer

Planted half a row of Porter tomatoes. Ground is pretty hard even with a post hole digger. Planted the last row of White Runner beans. Potted up two trays of sweet potatoes.

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