6/30/2013 – 27th of Early Summer

  1. The okra seedlings have started emerging. Forgot to take a photo of them. Here’s to hoping this years crop isn’t a bust.
  2. Moved the plastic off of the end of the legume plot and set both sheets of plastic on the rye plot. Went ahead and laid out the row markers for the cow peas.
  3. Last year I had bought a string winder like the construction companies use. Unfortunately, it didn’t come with very much string. So this year I had bought a bigger spool of string and put it on the winder. This spool was slightly longer than the previous one and the plastic winder didn’t hold it very tight. I tried modifying it to make it work, but ended up with a knotted up mess. The solution was to lash to sticks (8 to 12 inches long) into a cross and then alternate wrapping the string across the diagonals. Not pretty, but it works.
  4. Picked and shelled another bag of Green Smooth peas (the name isn’t fancy, but it is descriptive). Forgot to measure the quantity, but I will do it when all are picked, shelled, and dry. Learned that yellow is a dominant gene and green is recessive. This explains always finding greenish peas in the yellow row and rarely finding yellowish peas in the green row.
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