Horticultural Vinegar

Been trying to figure out how to make a cheap herbicide. Seems that vinegar is one method. Vinegar is relatively easy to make by allowing alcohol (such as had cider, wine, or beer) sour. However, this vinegar will only have a concentration between 4% and 7%. And this concentration is only effective on young plants.
The trick to making a more effective herbicide is to create horticultural vinegar by increasing the concentration to 10% to 20%. While it seems possible to do this with distillation, it appears to easier to do this with freezing (similar to turning hard cider into apple jack).
One interesting thing to note in the phase diagram of acetic acid/water. At low concentrations of acid, it is the water that freezes first and the acid that melts first (red area). Once the acid concentration gets high enough, that flips and the acid freezes first and the water melts first (purple area). I have no idea when that change occurs, but it could be a useful means of determing concentration

Until I get a chance to do it myself, I will just link to the article I found. (Never would have thought to check an alchemy site)
Alchemy – Distillation of Vinegar

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