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6/30/2013 – 27th of Early Summer

The okra seedlings have started emerging. Forgot to take a photo of them. Here’s to hoping this years crop isn’t a bust. Moved the plastic off of the end of the legume plot and set both sheets of plastic on

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6/27/2013 – 24th of Early Summer

It started raining when I got home, so no outside work got done. Regardless, the garden needed the rain and I didn’t have to lug any watering cans. Spent the evening shelling peas. So far there is one cup of

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6/24/2013 – 21st of Early Summer

Purchased four more bales of straw. May have to find another source as the current one only has a few more left. But with harvest going on it may be a non-issue. Too windy to lay any out Laid out

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6/23/2013 – 20th of Early Summer

Planted a row of sweet potatoes. Only had about 20 potted up, so put those in at four foot intervals. Put the unpotted shoots in at one foot intervals between them. Planted both rows of okra. Frist row was the

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6/20/2013 – 17th of Early Summer

Picked another handful of peas. Some of the plants appear to still be flowering. Will be interesting to see how far into summer they will go. Watered the vegetable plot. Forgot to refill the water barrels, so only used about

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6/19/2013 – 16th of Early Summer

Not much work today. I did pick the first handful of peas. So I guess the spring gap is finished.

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6/18/2013 – 15th of Early Summer

Finished planting the last of the tomatoes.

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