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5/29/2013 – 23rd of Late Spring

Peas have started to flower. Transplanted a honey locust and several cacti. Planted the last row Reid’s Yellow Dent and weeded. Josie spent part of the day mowing.

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5/26/2013 – 20th of Late Spring

No garden work because I had to help mow lawns. On the upside there were twelve bags of grass clippings for the compost pile.

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5/25/2013 – 19th of Late Spring

Weeded the legume plot.

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5/24/2013 – 18th of Late Spring

Planted one row of Reid’s Yellow Dent corn. Did more weeding.

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5/20/2013 – 14th of Late Spring

Moved several loads of animal bedding to the compost pile. Had to work on the truck, so not much time for much else.

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5/18/2013 – 12th of Late Spring

Planted two rows of Reid’s Yellow Dent corn and spread 4 bales of straw. The heat and humidity were a little too much for me today. Finally upload the new calendar. It needs more work, but that can wait until

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Built second compost using pallets. Started filling it with leaves and grass clippings from the ex-wife’s yard.

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Having difficulty with new phone. Kind of got it working, but want to go back to Blackberry soon. Bought five more bales of straw yesterday. Spent today weeding and spreading mulch. Saw a couple Speckled Chief corn shoots and a

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Did a little more weeding. Planted two rows of Mandan Bride. Decided to plant it at 12″ centers and reduce it to just two rows. This will allow me to plant four rows of Reid Yellow Dent.

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The daughter helped me to pull weeds in the garden. We both did a lot, but it doesn’t look like it. Need to get her a garden knife. Thinking about making one from a lawnmower blade and either giving her

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