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To Do – 9th Week

1. Plant corn – one week left 2. Plant common beans – eight weeks left 3. Start transplanting tomato – four weeks left 4. Start planting okra – six weeks left 5. Start planting cowpea – eight weeks left 6.

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4/28/2013 – 25th of Middle Spring

Not much done today. Laid out more rows and spread some mulch. Some of the tomatoes have started to germinate. Still a while before they will be ready to go out and they should start going out now. Sweet potatoes

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To Do – 8th Week

1. Plant corn – three weeks left in window. 2. Plant common beans – nine weeks left in window. 3. Start transplanting tomato – five weeks left in window 4. Start planting okra – seven weeks left in window

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4/24/2013 – 21st of Middle Spring

Snow on the ground this morning. Low last night was 26F. Spent the afternoon hauling manure and hay from the neighbor’s place. Manure went to the compost pile, but the hay went straight to mulch. Holding off on planting anything

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4/23/2013 – 20th of Middle Spring

The weather station said it got down to 30F last night, but I suspect it might have been a little colder. Still, the precipitation was nice. Finally got plants started. For tomatoes there are 48 Porter, 24 Roma, and 24

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4/19/2013 – 16th Middle Spring

Frost this morning. Overnight low was 27F. Usual I would feel bad being this far behind schedule, but with this spring remaining cool it is actually a blessing.

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To Do List – 7th Week

1. Start tomatoes and peppers – two weeks past window. 2. Plant corn – four weeks left in window. 3. Plant common beans – ten weeks left in window. 4. Start transplanting tomato – six weeks left in window 5.

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4/14/2013 – 11th of Middle Spring

Planted both rows of Mated Chief Corn. The soil might be a little cold but I think it will be alright given its Northern origin. Wind calmed down enough for me to spread mulch. A dirty job and I hope

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4/13/2013 – 10th of Middle Spring

Peas are starting to sprout. Finished planting potatoes. Had to plant mid season row at 2′ intervals. A five pound bag is only sufficient for half a row. I think I was wrong the other day. It appears that both

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4/11/2013 – 8th of Middle Spring

Temperature last night dropped to 30F.

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