Almost finished updating the operating plan for this year. Should be ready to post by this weekend. Also noticed that my gardening calendar is missing, so that will be the next thing to work on

Worked out in the garden for the first time in a while. The recent snow and rains have really softened up the ground. Stakes that took my forever to beat in with a sledge-hammer can be pushed in by hand right now. Got plots 1 and 2 marked off, and started laying out rows in plot 2. Using a 4′ – 2′ – 4′ -2′ spacing for the rows to give me a 30″ average spacing.

The wheat cereal was still a little underdone but at least edible. Still a little too much food though. Tonight’s experiment will be one-quarter cup of wheat and one cup of water nuked for two minutes. This should satisfy both problems.

Not sure if I should try rye next or something tamer. May wait until the weekend before switching so I don’t have to choke down a large quantity of inedible food again. In addition, my GI tract is having enough fun with this experiment as it is.

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