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3/29/13 – 25th of Early Spring

Got Red Norland (early) and Kennebec (late) potatoes into the ground. Played around with the spike harrow a little more. Decided that it doesn’t work well enough for the amount of time and effort required. This will require a major

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3/28/12 – 24th of Early Spring

Planted the row of green peas. Getting a little faster. Got both sets (forty feet each) done in a little over an hour. Still would prefer a jab planter. Decide to try making and using a spike harrow while the

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3/27/13 – 23rd of Early Spring

Got one row of peas (yellow) into the ground. Slow going but nice to be outside. I really need to buy or make a jab planter. Right now it takes about an hour and four passes to do a forty

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To do list for this week (4th)

Plant peas. Four weeks behind Plant potatoes. Last week of window Plant tomatoes and peppers. One more week in window.

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Finally got around to trying rye cereal last night. Used the same recipe as wheat. Pretty worried this morning about the results being edible, and was pleasantly surprised. The taste was almost identical to wheat and the cereal was properly

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Tried a new recipe for the wheat cereal last night. Combined 1/3 cup of wheat, 1 cup of water, and a small amount of salt. This was nuked for three minutes and then poured into a smaller thermos. The results

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Work has been crazy, so I haven’t done much else. Picked up three 5 lb bags of potatoes; red norland for early, yukon gold for mid, and kennebec for late. Will need to pick up more yukon golds as 5

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