The winter solstice is here and 2013 catalogs have started showing up. Guess that means its time to start next years plan.
Not sure what to think about beans yet. Suspect I will keep one and try another variety, but might give each another year. Definitely want to try out Teperary Beans next year.
I want to move the soybeans out of the garden and into the fields to start a legume rotation. Big decision here is whether to stay with Edamame type or start trying a feed type.
The peanuts worked pretty good (except I didn’t get one row dug up). I would like to find a variety that is visually different to help tracking. But for right now I will stick with what I have.
Need to talk to the wife about adding another variety of cowpeas. The pink eyed purple hulled are great, I just have concerns about the lack of diversity.
Still need to find a long season corn that I like. The speckled chief is a pretty good short season and the madan bride worked well as a medium season. But the reid’s yellow dent was a failure. While I doubt most corn would do well in those conditions, I want to see what else there is. Since the other two are essentially landraces, I will see what long season landraces are available.
The tomatoes search is probably over. Found out the small tomatoes are Porters, so I want to buy another packet to increase the gene pool. Going to go back to Mule Team for the other variety.
Still trying to figure out what to do about peppers. I have yet to get a variety to survive well and produce. Going to try some of the ornamental types to see if they are more rugged and will produce better.
Need to do more thinking about potato varieties. Since the shipping cost is so high, I will stick to whatever is locally available.
Hopefully I saved enough sweet potatoes to start slips for next year. But I will buy one set of slips from tatorman just because.
Not sure what happened to the Okra seeds, but now the are all suspect. Going to toss all of them and start again. I know one variety will be Fife Creek Cowhorn just because of Steph’s tribe. Thinking about trying one of the red pod varieties for fun.
Once I get a spreadsheet built to help compare catalogs I can start to narrow down varieties more.

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