9/18/12 – 16th day of Early Fall

Decided to work in the garden today. Plenty of green tomatoes, might have to find a use for them if they don’t ripen. I don’t think there will be any okra this year. Just not enough time or heat left. Need to finish digging potatoes and I am curious to see how the sweet potatoes have done. Picked a couple handfuls of cowpeas. Not sure if there will be any peanuts as I have only seen one flower. May need to look into a short season variety for next year. Picked a few soybeans and pulled some of the plants. I think that soybeans will have to be a field crop, some of the pods are below the mulch. The beans are looking good. Picked a couple bean pods while the were still green to see how they will dry. Still trying to track down a local source for rye.

Cold this morning, but not too bad tonight. First fall freeze shouldn’t be for another month, wonder if it will be early this year. High was 77F and low was 49F. No precipitation.

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