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9/26/12 – 24th day of Early Fall

Precipitation 0.08″ daily, 1.32″ monthly, 16.24″ yearly

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9/25/12 – 23rd day of Early Fall

Picked a handful of cowpeas. Bugs are eating most of the tomatoes. Noticed the mead was bubbling slowly a couple of days ago. I think I added the yeast when the wort was too hot. Added a teaspoon of  yeast

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9/24/12 – 22nd day of Early Fall

Finished drilling all the poles for the dome and putting them together. Looks pretty good except that I bent som poles trying to climb on it.  Spent the evening cleaning the Tokarev (beyond field strip) and working on the extractor for the

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9/23/12 – 21st day of Early Fall

Rototilled on the field a little more, but the soil was too hard from being dry. Watered the garden enough so that I could rototill it. Setup a new compost bin (trenching wasn’t working for me). Continued to work on

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9/22/12 – 20th day of Early Fall

Overcome by sloth, slept all day. Started another batch of mead. Mixed two pounds of honey with two liters of water. Split this between two 2-liter bottles. Both got raisins, one got two tablespoons of coffee the other orange spice

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9/20/12 – 18th day of Early Fall

Continuing the second pass on the field. Suspect I may not get it completed. Finally found a source for rye at Kauffman Seed in Haven. Price is $15 per bushel (56lbs). Started working on the dome again.

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9/18/12 – 16th day of Early Fall

Decided to work in the garden today. Plenty of green tomatoes, might have to find a use for them if they don’t ripen. I don’t think there will be any okra this year. Just not enough time or heat left.

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