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7/23/12 – 20th of Middle Summer

Working second shift for the next couple of days, so nothing much to report. Josie gathered eggs today. One from each coop. Got the supplies to attach the baby stroller wheels to the coop. Will post photos when I get

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7/22/12 – 19th of Middle Summer

2 eggs from the white coop, 2 from the red. Picked almost half a bag of tomatoes, pretty even split of Cherry and Roma. Been running into a problem with the potatoes rotting. Mixed up a solution of oil, a

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7/21/12 – 18th of Middle Summer

Red coop had 3 eggs and white had 3 eggs. Picked a 1/2 bag of tomatoes, mostly Cherry with a few Roma. Dug the last of the yellow potatoes. Also gathered the last of the Mated Chief. Watered the vegetable

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7/20/12 – 17th of Middle Summer

Decided to color code the coops, one has red paint on it and the other has white. This should help me to keep seperate records for each. Red coop – 1 egg today. The same buff was camped out in

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7/19/12 – 16th of Middle Summer

Purchases for today: rabbit feed – $13.99/50lb, chicken feed – $13.99/50lb, and oyster shell – $9.99/50lb. Three eggs today. From the same pen as yesterday. Need to think about what to do with the other pen. I know the chickens

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7/18/75 – 15th of Middle Summer

One of projects the wife and I are working on this year has been to build a portable dome shelter. The plan is to build an 8’ radius 2V dome using 1/2” electrical conduit. So far we took thirty five

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Never shovel from the downwind side of the compost pile. J. C. Seery, School of Folly

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