7/25/12 – 22nd day of Middle Summer

Animals: Each coop had 2 eggs. Four baby chicks have hatched this afternoon. I will move them from the incubator to the brooder later tonight once they have dried off. Since the weather is so warm I don’t plan to run a heat lamp for them. I am going to see if a plastic bottle filled with hot water will keep them warm enough. On a related note, I started putting plastic bottles of water in the freezer for the rabbits.

Garden: Gathered half a bag of tomatoes, pretty even mix of Roma and Cherry. Picked all the Mandan Bride corn. The ears are in better shape then the Mated Chief, but the amount of ears was about the same and I had twice as many rows of Mandan Bride. Moved the second water drum to the garden and filled both.

Weather: Cloudy today with winds from the south. In Wichita, the low was 80F at 07h00 and the high was 106F at 17h00. No rain yet.

Expenses: Medicated chick starter $16.49/50 lb, brooder thermometer $4.99/ea, chicken toy $4.99/ea (x2), dried mealworms $4.99/3.5 oz.

First four baby chicks

First four chicks

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