7/19/12 – 16th of Middle Summer

Purchases for today: rabbit feed – $13.99/50lb, chicken feed – $13.99/50lb, and oyster shell – $9.99/50lb.

Three eggs today. From the same pen as yesterday. Need to think about what to do with the other pen. I know the chickens are eating the eggs, so do I try break them of it, try to figure out which ones are doing it and butcher thme, or just the whole lot of them? Since it will be a little while before I could butcher thme anyway, the will get a reprieve for now. In the meantime I will try to give them plenty of oytser shell and move their pens this weekend. Trying to figure out a playtoy for the chickens that could dispense treats.

Handful of dried beans from the Dwarf Horticultural. Saw the first cowpeas setting flower today. I think I like them best of all. Quarter bag of Romas today and another Amish Paste. Decided to leave the Cherry tomatos be.

Cheney says they got .03” of rain today, but I suspect that I got more.

Did some research on homemade leather conditioners. One recipe called for miking one part vinegar with two parts oil (linseed or olive preferred). The second recipe mixed beeswax and oil. I can’t remember the proportions.

Candled the eggs today. In 18 of them I can see dark spot and veins. In the other 10 I can’t see thru them or they look empty. One week left to go. Need to put the brooder together this weekend.

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