7/14/12 – 11th of Middle Summer

Decided to observe my birthday today, so mostly goofed off around the house. I think the chickens laid 6 eggs today (2 that I gathered and I think josie gathered 4). Both of the buffs are still acting broody, but aren’t as serious about it. Transferred the mead into new containers and sampled some of it. Not bad but there is a lot of room for improvement. Next time I will only make a gallon and split it into two 2 liter pop bottles. The spilled wort I saw was due to a small fracture in the top of the milk jug. Since the pressure differential was negligible, my guess is the plastic just got brittle. Pop bottles are made stronger and shouldn’t age as rapidly. Josie and I had to rearrange the rabbit pens to calm the bunnies down. The rabbits aren’t scaring each other if they can see who’s there. So instead of stacking the cages they are side by side and everyone seems happy. Took one flat tire off of the mower and three more off of the little trailer. The three little tires just need to be popped back on their rims (will have to try some starter fluid when I am filling lucky). The mower tire is probably beyond repair. Need to see if any of the scrap mowers still have any good tires. And there is still the truck to fix. Pretty sure that I either blew the head gasket or cracked/warped the engine. I was really hoping to have the truck to help this year.

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