7/10/12 – 7th day of Middle Summer

Picked a bag-full of roma tomatoes. No amish paste yet. Some of the cherry tomatoes are ready to pick, but I will give them another day. Laid the last batch and most of this batch onto a cookie sheet to freeze. Tomorrow I will then put them into a zip lock baggy. Keeping them frozen let’s me gather a lot before canning them and the skin peel off when they thaw. My hose developed a large leak, so I couldn’t run a sprinkler for the garden. Ended up hauling a plastic 55 gallon drum to the end of the hose and filling it with water. Then it was just a matter of dunking the watering can into the drum. I will still need to repair the hose, but it worked so well that I refilled the drum so the water can sit until next time. Josie helped me candle eggs today. Neither one of us really knows what we are doing, but it was fun anyway. My guess is that 24 of the eggs are still alive and kicking. Left all of the eggs in the incubator just in case. Only gathered 3 eggs today. Two of the buff orpingtons are acting broody. If they had started a week earlier, I would have let them sit on the eggs. Maybe they will still be in the mood 3 weeks from now.

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