I am always surprised that this blog receives any hits. Since I am mostly just trying to keep a garden record, most of the entries are short, dry, and boring. If there is anything you would like to see covered, please comment here and I will look into.

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10/30/2017 – 5th week of Middle Fall

Quite a bit of work lately getting ready for inspections. Mostly putting locks on everything and cleaning up. Finished converting a wardrobe/armoire into a gun cabinet.

Got a chance to zero new sights a few weeks ago. My long distance vision has gotten pretty bad. My max range nowadays is about 100 yards with aperture sights. 

Been doing a lot of research on handloading. The need for a bench to mount everything to had been discouraging, but Lee has a couple of options that don’t require mounting. Thinking about getting a hand press so I can do pistol ammo also.

Just about ready to start setting traps out. Couple more weeks until the season opens. As this is a first try, I am focusing on the skunks that like to winter in the crawlspace. Last thing to sort out is an easy way to make cubby sets.

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Hunting – Gun Solvent and Oil

  • ‚Äč1 part Dexron II, IIe or III Automatic Transmission Fluid – GM Spec D20265 or later
  • 1 part K1 Kerosene
  • 1 part Aliphatic Mineral Spirits
    1. Combine ATF and Kerosene and mix well.
    2. Reserve one half of the mixture as Gun Oil.
    3. To the other half, add Mineral Spirits and mix well. This half is the Gun Solvent.

    Untested. Adapted from Ed’s Red Gun Cleaner:


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    Hunting – Scent Killing Spray

    • 1 cup Distilled Water
    • 1/8 cup of Baking Soda
    • 1 cup Hydrogen Peroxide
    • 1 teaspoon Dawn Dish Soap
    1. Dissolve the baking soda in the water
    2. Add the peroxide and soap
    3. Stir, don’t shake
    4. Spray onto clothes immediately and put them into storage.
    5. Do not keep excess as the peroxide quickly breaks down

    Untested recipe. Copied from:

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    Hunting – Unscented Laundry Soap

    • 1/4 cup Borax
    • 1/4 cup Washing Soda
    • 1/4 cup Scent free soap (bar or liquid)
    1. If using bar soap, grate.
    2. Combine Borax, Soda, and Soap.
    3. Use half for small load or all for large or dirty load.

    Untested recipe. Adapted from various sources.

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    9/18/2017 – 3rd week of Early Fall

    Very busy at work the last few weeks.

    Got traps dyed and oiled. I bought four Duke 1 1/2 traps when Gander Mountain went out of busy. Wish I picked up some 120 or 160 bodygrip traps at the same time. Maybe next year.

    Needed a secure place to put my outdoor gear. Picked up a secondhand armoire at the Habitat for Humanity store. Now just need to modify it a bit.

    Trying to decide how many roosters and hens we ended up with. Just about time to start buchering. Current guess is three roosters and seven hens. Need to research the breeds to identify the sex differences.

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    9/4/2017 – 1st week of Early Fall

    Tried to go fishing, but the water level was too low. That was most likely my last attempt for this year. Sum total: one bait sized bluegill. Very discouraging, but still better than a complete strikeout. Seriously thinking of giving up on lake fishing and just going back to creeks.

    In a similar vein, found a group of people (Arkansas River Coalition) who do monthly float trips down the Ark river. Think this might be a good way to get started with river canoeing. Also need to look in to similar activities on the Kansas and Missouri river.

    Continuing to gather Black Walnuts, Honey Locust, and Hedge Apple. Meant to start planting some of the seeds gathered, but didn’t get a chance.

    Cut down a weed Elm tree and started processing it. I mostly want to make a bucksaw and a packboard. The remainder will either become fuel for the backpacking stove or go onto a brush pile.

    Got cords cut and spliced for the tarp tent. Decide to trash the sisal and get manilla as the sisal wasn’t splicing very well. Cut a 25 foot ridgeline (plus another one for spare) out of 3/8″ manilla and put eye splices in both ends. Cut two 6 foot tieouts, three 4 foot tieouts, and five 2 foot stakelines out of 1/4″ manilla and put aen splice in one end and a end splice in the other end of each. Soaked them all in water to pre-shrink them. Not exactly sure I have everything figured out right, but that should be enough to configure the tent as either a basic lean-to, modified lean-to, A-frame, or wedge. Once I get a chance to set them up, I can take photos and write up instructions.

    The backpacking gassifier stove works great, but still has some issuess to fix. I was able to easily boil two cups of water on one cup of fuel with plenty of time leftover to do it again. The biggest remaining issue is the pot stand. My initial thought was to drill holes in the windscreen and use wire rods as a pot stand. The issue is that the heat generated causes the wire to lose it’s stiffness and deform under load. To options are to use heavier wire or create a pot stand out of either a tuna can or pipe strapping. 

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    8/21/2017 – 3rd week of Late Summer

    Foraging for seeds has begun. Still too early for Acorns, but Black Walnuts, Ash, and Honey Locusts are starting to ripen. Was able to identify some Autumn Olive bushes near me, so gathered a few handful of those. I think I have seen some Black Locust on one of my afternoon walks, but need to confirm.

    No progress on the backpacking stove, but I was able to a) find a better recipe for waterproofing equipment and b) a passable solution for cases where the weatherproofing doesn’t cure properly.

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